Zerbarini, Marina

Statut de l'individu: 

 « Marina Zerbarini, lives and work in Bs. As. Argentina. In 1996 She initiates the investigations on art and technology. She inaugurated the first chair of Digital Art in the Art National University Institute in Bs. As Argentina, (2000). She is the first Argentine artist invited to participate in Netart Gallery, German Virtual Gallery to expose his works in Internet. At the present time she is dedicated specifically to works in Net.art, the investigations in programming, and teaching in the National University of “Tres de febrero”, and the Art National University Institute. From 1999 she has her own site in Internet: www.marina-zerbarini.com.ar where her works are showed in the Net.art and other project of artists and theoreticians guests. She has participated in numerous International festivals of Art and Technology, in 2001 received in Paris, France, the Second International prize in Multimedia Art with her work \"The dream is gone\". The work: \"Eveline, fragmentos de una respuesta\" has been selected for the V Simphosium on Art and Multimedia, Metanarratives(?), Mediateca de la Fundación Caixa Forum, Barcelona, Spain 2005 and has received Mention of honor in the Mamba Prize Art and New Technologies, Fundación telefónica y Limbo in Bs. As. Argentina, 2004. » e-fagia (2004) « Digital Evento. Presentation ». En ligne: http://www.e-fagia.org/presentation_artists.html (consulté le 25 juin 2010)



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