Momo Pixel

Statut de l'individu: 

Art Director. Pixel Designer. Game Designer. Singer. (Twitter, @MomoUhOh)

Momo Pixel is an American singer, rapper, and pixel fashion designer; originally hailing from Louisville, KY. She began her musical journey in Atlanta after winning a talent contest with Young Joc.

Soon after, Momo released her first mixtape in 2012 titled, Living in Blue. It was received well by the public and garnered some publicity landing in Scratch the Block and a few overseas publications.

Pausing to focus on school and career,
Momo's next release didn't come until 2014. Feeling she needed to recraft her sound in 2017 Momo teamed up with renown producer Dexter Dukarus to create Dexter's Lab. A 3 track preview. Dj Booth hailed it as "a strong look at the potential of Pixel an artist."


With a renewed passion and a distinguishable look. Momo Pixel is gearing up to add her mark on the music industry. (


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