McDaid, John

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«John McDaid is a media ecologist from Brooklyn, where he lives with his wife, Karen Marlow, and their cat, Prid E. Vicious. Born the year NASA was created, he grew up reading science fiction: Robert A. Heinlein and Andre Norton were his other parents... He attended Syracuse University, the New School for Social Research, and New York University, where he is currently working on his doctoral dissertation on the ecology of hypermedia. He coordinated the computer writing program at NYU's Expository Writing Program, and has taught writing at NYU and at the New York Institute of Technology, and has lectured and written about hypertext and fiction. This is his first novel. With Michael Joyce, Nancy Kaplan, and Stuart Moulthrop, he is a co-founder of the TINAC collective, a group of writers and theorists of hypertext. His current projects include a millenialist SF novel and a paranoid hypertext fiction called The Planes. His fantasy is a guest shot on MST3K.» (SOURCE: feuillet d'accompagnement du CD-ROM)


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