Campbell, Stuart

Statut de l'individu: 

«The creator... could do with a shave. His name is Sutu and he hails from Van Diemen’s Land. Yes, that little island at the end of the world. It’s here that he meditates in a cave and tries to foresee visions of the technological future. It’s not a future of slave labor to the machine. No! In Sutu’s future you don’t take the blue pill. Instead you blast your mind with a deadlight and send your brainwaves catapulting into new dimensions of reality. That’s the vision. And right at that moment, Sutu stops levitating, brushes the dirt off his amstrad keyboard and begins punching away a new course for mankind. It’s a strange course, where nothing seems real but ofcourse it makes perfect sense… like this *** Meanwhile… Notice the red colorization in those serious eyes. That’s from waaaaay too many hours of computer time. Sutu is a self taught flash designer and animator. He cites major influences on his work as science fiction writer William Gibson and Japanese manga artist Katshuhiro Otomo. Beyond Nawlz, Sutu has created multimedia installations for the Australian National Museum, military pilot training programs, and illustrations for skateboards and snowboards.» (


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