«STRUTS» - Une nouvelle oeuvre signée J.R. Carpenter

STRUTS, de J.R. Carpenter


STRUTS is a work of digital literature by J. R. Carpenter, commissioned by Brian Stefans for Third Hand Plays hosted by Open Space at SFMOMA, launched September 15, 2011.

Struts, which uses an RSS feed from the Google API, continues this collation of image, facts, poetry, and animation into a sort of ambient text movie created during her residency at Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Centre in Sackville, New Brunswick. While it is probably ideal that the viewer experiences the piece as aestheticized information architecture, even letting it run in the background as the texts unfold, a credits page offers a bibliography of texts and some explanation of the work’s creation.

(Tiré d'un texte de présentation de l'artiste par Brian Kim Stefans, commissaire)