Online Exhibition: Horizon Insight, A Retrospective of the Art of M.D. Coverley

01 Novembre 2021 - 31 Mars 2022

"Horizon Insight: A Retrospective of the Art of M. D. Coverley" showcases the creative output of this prolific electronic literature artist. Since 1996 Coverley, the pen name for Marjorie C . Luesebrink, has published well over 30 works of media art, of which 27 are featured here. The title of this exhibition is drawn from the name Coverley gave as publisher of her interactive novel, Egypt: The Book of Going Forth by Day, [1] but it also reflects the decades-long span of her vision for computer-based art that explores a wide terrain of platforms, formats, and software that includes Toolbook, Director, Flash, Power Point, video, and Excel for producing hypermedia narratives and interactive novels with a distinct focus on multi-vocal storytelling and multi-plot structures.

Link to the exhibition.