Studio XX

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Founded in 1996, Studio XX is a bilingual feminist artist-run centre for technological exploration, creation and critical reflection. XX supports independent media arts production and offers a platform for a multiplicity of territories, voices and creative actions by artists who identify as women, trans or dissident in the contemporary technological landscape. Demystifying, providing access, equipping, questioning and creating, these are the aims of Studio XX. We actively participate in the development of a digital democracy that encourages autonomy and collaboration.

Studio XX supports the creation and dissemination of independent media art through its Wired Women Salons, commissions, co-productions, its online electronic journal .dpi, artist residencies, the weekly XX Files radio show, the HTMlles Festival, through professional development workshops and anytime access to its Open Source Lab.

In 2008, Studio XX launched Matricules: one of the world’s largest online archives of women’s digital artworks. (


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