Smashing Ideas

Individual status: 
Développeur/se Web

Smashing Ideas creates the most actively engaging digital experiences possible. The company focuses on active engagement, building more than just great mobile or web experiences, through understanding customers, thoughtfully planning their user experience across the many screens they use, and applying a bit of behavioral psychology - motivating them to participate in the interaction.

Smashing Ideas refers to this approach as the Power of Play, which combines art and science to create engagement. They fuse innovation, creativity, and storytelling with their expertise in game theory, user experience, and multiscreen development. The results are rich, digital experiences that command attention and shape customer behavior, improving customer loyalty by inspiring them to return for more.

Whether it's a global digital experience for an entertainment brand, rethinking online higher education, or changing the experience of in-flight media, their methodology ensures everything they create is focused on achieving a measurable Return on Engagement (ROE) for their client partners.