Roncevic, Igor

Individual status: 
Développeur/se Web

Igor Rončević is a software developer and entrepreneur, huge lover of comic books and a green space enthusiast. He periodically spends time in Montreal and fell in love with the city and its wild green spaces. This motivated him to join the Wild City Mapping Collective. In 2006 he completed B.Sc. in Physics with minor in Polytechnics at the University of Rijeka, his home-town in Croatia. Soon after, he moved to Austria to join a research software project in the car industry. During that period he completed his second B.Sc. in Mathematics with minor in Computer Science. In 2014 he started his own company and successfully closed a seed investment round. Although he enjoyed holding various positions in the software industry he is always coming back to pure programming as his biggest love. In programming, he feels most creative. (