Papp, Tibor

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Tibor Papp (1936, Tokai, Hungary) – poet, artist, prose writer, translator. Started his creative literary and artistic activities in the midst 1950s. After emigrating from Hungary in 1957, he initiated publishing of Belgian literary magazine “Dialogue” (1960-61), and in 1962 in Paris he founded a magazine in the Hungarian language “Magyar Műhely.” In 1972 jointly with Ph. Dôme and P. Nagy he arranged publishing of the periodical in French “d’atelier.” He is one of the founders of the group “Laire” (lecture-art-innovation-recherche-écriture), with the electronic literary magazine “alire” (1989) as its main printed edition. Papp is the author of a number of poetry books, essays, collections of visual poetry, including the following: Sánta vasárnap (Paris: Magyar Műhely, 1964), Vendégszövegek 1 (Paris: Magyar Műhely, 1971), Vendégszövegek 2-3 (Paris: Magyar Műhely, 1984), Múzsaval vagy múzsa nélkűl? (Budapest: Balassi, 1992), Térvers/képek (Budapest: Balassi, 1998) and others. He is the author of the visual-poetic slide-film “Textuaire” for the opera by V. Globokar “Carrousel” (premiere at the Zagreb Biennial of Contemporary Music, 1977), also of the reconstruction of the visual typographical version of S. Mallarme’s “Un coup de Des...” (Paris: Change errant/d’atelier, 1980). Since the 1980s he has been involved in the computer poetry, emphasising visual and sound constituents, textual auto-generating programs, among his productions are the following: Les trés riches heures de l’ordinateur no.1 (premier at the George Pompidou Center, 1985; no.2 – at the George Pompidou Center, 1986; no.3 – at the George Pompidou Center, 1987; no.4 – at the George Pompidou Center, 1989), Disztichon Alfa (Magyar Műhely, 1994), and also the series Dressages informatiques (#1/1989 – #8/1991, jointly with C. Maillard). Among the computer sound poetry works of the recent years are the following ones: Poéticoncerto for “Ch” (1996), Tranchée – la – belle (1998), in collaboration with C. Maillard: Ourlure (1992), Le 21 h 20 (1993), Cette phrase (2000). Papp is the author of a great number of perform-programs, presented at various festivals, symposiums and colloquia of contemporary poetry, including such as: Textes avec repères visuelles (1976), Déville (1979), Pogány ritmusok (1981), annaDANTE (1982), Homage to Adriano Spatola (1989), Poéticoncerto for “Ch” (1996). The sound poetry works have been released in LP, MC and CD formats, including such as: Voooxing Poooêtre (Italy, 1982), Charles Dreyfus, Tibor Papp (France, 1984). Since 1977 he has been participating in the exhibitions of visual and experimental poetry, computer graphics, among the most significant in the recent years are the following ones: Homage to Adriano Spatola (Celle Ligure, 1990), Art Electro-Images (Budapest, 1991), Computer-generated graphic works (Paris, 1993), Visual poetry of our time (Keszthely, 1995) and others. Since 1985 he has been a member of the Board of Directors of the International Festival of Contemporary Poetry “Polyphonix,” since 1992 he has been a member of the Operating Committee of the French Writers Union. Tibor Papp lives and works in Paris (France) and Budapest (Hungary).


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