Gaudet, Marilène

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Yarnbombing pioneer in Quebec, Marilène Gaudet seeks to break barriers between people, fine arts and crafts by wrapping up elements of the urban landscape in colourful knitted fabric, thereby reappropriating public spaces and initiating cross cultural and cross generational collaborations. She comes at mapping from a social situationist perspective. She holds an MFA  in Art Therapy and a BFA in Studio Arts and from Concordia University in Montreal. She holds a deep connection to nature from growing up in the countryside. Her in situ installations are both a process and a symbol, an opportunity for individual and collective creative expression, an attempt to break the anonymity and gloom of the city. They are mainly to be found within the public realm, as guerilla street art but also subverted in gallery shows. She exhibited at maison de la culture Côte-des-Neiges, in Montreal in 2014, at L'Arsenal, Mtl, at Jardins du précambrien, in Val-David in 2014-2015 and Trame, at CTCM in Mtl, in 2012 with the collective les Ville-Laines. She will hold a solo exhibition at Stewart Hall, in Pointe-Claire, in 2015 and continues to do interventions everywhere she goes. (