Coover, Roderick

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Roderick Coover is an Associate Professor in the Department of Film and Media Arts. He holds a B.A. from Cornell University (1989), an M.A. in English with a specialization in cross-cultural film and performance from Brown University (1994) and a Ph.D. in the History of Culture with a specialization in media arts and anthropology from the University of Chicago (1999). His documentary and experimental films and new media works have been featured at festivals, exhibitions, and conferences including at M.I.T's Media In Transition conferences I, II, and IV and at Milwaukee's Center for 20th Century Studies. Coover's papers have been published in journals such as Film Quarterly, Visual Studies, and Visual Anthropology. He presents his work internationally and was the Luso-American Foundation speaker at the European conference Working Images. He was also a plenary speaker at the Whitney Museum-University of Colorado conference, Rethinking the Visual. His awards include a USIA Hays-Fulbright Fellowship, a Whiting Fellowship, a Chicago Group on Modern France Fellowship, and an LEF foundation grant. (Faculty and Staff Directory, School of Communications and Theater, Temple University, Philadelphie. En ligne: