Chabuel, Cédric

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Cedric Chabuel is an audiovisual artist living in Montreal. Always inspired by human interactions, using technology, humor and even sometimes poetry, he favors narration to technical demos.

Singled out in 2001 for his documentary L'odyssée du Sample, he became active on the underground electronic music scene.

By 2003 he morphed into Ouananiche, a VJ known for his original, concrete but nonetheless human approach of videos mixing, performing at electro, jazz, rock and world music concerts, sometimes theaters.

At the same time he strives on being a creative radio producer for and Radio-Canada to only name a few. Notably making Visa d'exploitation, a documentary about Nicolas Klotz's work with illegal immigrants (Arte editions), and also Banff à Part, a series depicting the life of young Quebecois workers in Alberta.

Ouananiche is now performing audiovisual shows where medias seemingly intertwine, indivisible, linked by their core. His official remixes of movies like Next Floor (dir. Denis Villeneuve), Manifestes en Série (dir. Hugo Latulippe), Café de Flore (dir. Jean-Marc Vallée), were presented in media arts and cinema festivals around the world (Canada, France, Turkey, Belgium, China). (