Agence TOPO

Individual status: 
Centre d'artistes

The Montreal artist-run centre TOPO is a laboratory for digital writings and creations for web, performance, and installation spaces. Its mandate is to incubate, produce, and circulate original multimedia artworks that explore interdisciplinary and intercultural hybridizations through the digital arts. TOPO’s creative, circulation, training, and mediation activities contribute to the development of its disciplinary field, at the crossroads of the visual arts, literature, and digital media. The centre guides, supports, and produces interactive projects, receives artists in residence, and offers specialized workshops. Its dissemination component explores innovative modes of presentation for digital artworks through exhibitions, performances, publications, and circulation on the web and in local, national, and international networks. A member of the Pied Carré group, the centre occupies a multifunctional production space open to the community and has an exhibition showcase on the ground floor of the Pôle de Gaspé, in the Mile-End neighbourhood of Montreal. (