Nouveau numéro du New River Journal

La revue en ligne d'art et littérature hypermédiatique The New River a mis en ligne un nouveau numéro, avec des oeuvres de Salvador Barajas, Roxanne Carter, Susan M. Gibb, A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz, Megan Moriarty et Jason Nelson.

Extrait de l'éditorial du numéro:

"I reject hypertext," one of us may have blurted out during a more frustrating moment editing this journal.

That could have easily been our mantra two years ago sitting in Ed Falco's New Media Creative Writing workshop--at least, that's what went through our minds in the beginning. We were both first years, so not only did we have to wrap our brains around the concept of operating as newly-minted MFA students, but we also had to deal with this newfangled idea of digital writing. One of us may have dealt with it better than the other, so much so that during a quick dinner at a McDonald's across the street from the English department, she had the audacity to suggest we edit the journal together. That's when one of us may have refused this suggestion as she chewed on a limp French fry because she was still in her I reject hypertext phase. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and months turned into years until finally, both of us were ready--and willing--to tackle editing the journal together. Here's the thing about hypertext: It can get under your skin, introducing you to new methods of composition, and forcing you to expand and redefine your limited perspective on writing.

Bonne lecture!