Launch of the Electronic Literature Collection, volume 2

Le 13 décembre 2011, le second volume de l'Electronic Literature Collection sera lancé à l'espace de performance The Kitchen (12 W. 19th Street, New York City). La soirée commencera dès 19h, avec une lecture. 

Soulignons la participation de l'artiste Jhave (David Johnston, membre du Laboratoire NT2- Concordia) avec son oeuvre Sooth.

Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) presents an evening of multimedia, interactive performative-readings highlighting a broad range of born-digital literary forms, including game-inspired, collaborative, database, film/video, generative, and kinetic image work. The evening's presentations showcase five projects selected from the second Electronic Literature Collection, published in February 2011, and created by Oni BuchananJhaveIllya SzilakSandy Baldwin, and collaborators Stephanie Strickland and Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo, with videos by Paul Ryan.

Toutes les oeuvres sont disponibles sur le site Internet de l'Electronic Literature Organization