Exposition EN LIGNE de 'Skátne Tión:nis | Many Faces, One Mind'

08 Octobre 2020 - 03 Décembre 2020

Where: AbTeC Gallery, located at AbTeC Island in Second Life


For AbTeC Gallery’s second exhibition, we present portraits that were created right here on AbTeC Island by a group of youth aged 14-22 from both Kahnawá:ke and Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal, as well as the workshop facilitators.

The images were the outcome of POP Montreal’s sixth annual collaboration with non-profit organization LOVE (Leave Out Violence) Québec. POP invited AbTeC Co-Director Skawennati to work with the group and she, in turn, enlisted AbTeC team members Maize Longboat and Kahentawaks Tiewihsaw to help deliver the Skins 7th Generation Character Design Workshop, a workshop that guides participants in imagining an Indigenous future. The youth were asked to imagine, sketch and develop one of their great-great-great-great-great grandchildren.

Over the course of one week in July 2019, the participants met up each morning at Concordia University. They started with good ol’ pencil and paper, and from there were guided into the 3D environment where they transmediated their 2D drawings into their very own avatars. In-world, they learned how to customize clothing, create mini-sets and capture pictures (called “machinimagraphs”). They were then taught how to use Photoshop to turn their portraits into these works of art.

The portraits were printed and hung in a real-life exhibition during the Pop Montreal festival. We thought it would be exciting and very fitting to put them into our virtual gallery. Complementary to the portraits, 3D elements and accessories from each machinimagraph are on display.

The title of the exhibition came directly from the workshop participants who requested it be translated into Kanien’kéha. Nia:wen to Kahnawake community members, including Trina Stacey, for your help.

LOVE Quebec is a local non-profit dedicated to reducing violence in the lives of youth across Montreal. Special thanks to Joe Allen, Co-Executive Director.


Alice Costello
Angelina Montour
Washakiontha Bush
Justin Briand
Pietrina Michalopoulos
Audrey Brunette
Dayna Halperin
Trilce Diaz
Tyra McGregor
Ainsley Goodleaf
Maize Longboat
Kahentawaks Tiewihsaw
Audrey Brunette

Image: “Watsi’tsatehiaròn:tha” / “She Makes the Flowers Grow”
Machinimagraph by Jayden Montour