Deux nouvelles œuvres sur

Deux nouvelles œuvres sont disponibles sur le site Web de WWW-Enabled Noise Toy, de Loud Objets, et Moments of Intertia de R. Luke DuBois, en collaboration avec Todd Reynolds. Consultez les descriptions tirées de (en anglais) pour en apprendre davantage:

Loud Objects, NYC-based circuit sorcerers, present a wacky way to learn hardware audio programming. The "WWW-Enabled Noise Toy" invites anyone with a web browser to write their own audio code, program it remotely onto a Noise Toy, and play it live via webcam. In the spirit of "try it yourself" software demos, the website provides a simple environment for experimenting with low-level microchip-generated audio. Load code from Loud Objects' own library of performance algorithms, hone your own noise techniques, and add your work to the online archive to share it with other microchip coders and create an open source noise community.

"Moments of Inertia" is an evening-length performance based on a teleological study of gesture in musical performance and how it relates to gesture in intimate social interaction. The work is written for solo violin with real-time computer accompaniment and video. "Moments" consists of twelve violin études -- ranging from 3-5 minutes in length -- each of which uses a different violin performance gesture as a control input for manipulating a short piece of high-speed film (300 frames-per-second) -- of a person performing a social gesture. Taking its cue from principles in physics that determine an object's resistance to change, the violinist's gestures time-remap and scrub the video clip to explore the intricacies of the performed action.