Colloque «Translating E-Literature»


La première conférence internationale sur la traduction de la E-literature aura lieu du 12 au 14 juin à l'Université de Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis et l'Université Paris Diderot.

Translating E-Literature:

E-literature is an emphatically global phenomenon. Its authors are of many different nationalities. Sometimes they write in a form of global English. The reception of E-literature nevertheless raises issues which are far from being exclusively discursive in nature. It also involves criteria that are visual (screen display, graphics, color…), dynamic (screen animations) or kinetic (reader/players’ actions and movements). These dimensions extend far beyond the competences traditionally required of readers of literary works on paper. They are often highly culture-specific. A new semiotics, a new rhetoric and a new poetics are needed if the analysis of these aspects of E-literature is to progress properly. It is impossible to translate works of E-literature without paying detailed attention to them. Thus, translation does not simply provide materials for research into E-literature. It is a research activity in itself – a form of theoretical practice.


The conference will explore a wide range of questions concerning the translation of works of E-literature.

Pour plus d'informations, consultez ci-jointe la programmation complète du colloque.