Appel de textes pour la conférence ELO 2012 (date limite: 30 novembre)

Date limite: 30 novembre

L'université de West Virginia et The Electronic Literature Organization vous invite à soumettre une proposition de communication pour leur prochaine conférence qui se tiendra du 20 au 23 juin prochain, à Morgantown, en Virginie-Occidentale. 

Extrait de l'appel à communications:

Bearing in mind the changing locations of new media literature and literary cultures, the conference organizers welcome unconventional presentations, whether in print or digital media. The point is not to reject the conventional conference ‘paper’ or bullet point presentation but to encourage thoughtful exploration and justification of any format employed. All elements of literary description and presentation are up for reconsideration. The modest mechanisms of course descriptions, syllabus construction, genre identification, and the composition of author bios, could well offer maps toward the location of the literary in digital media. So can an annotated bibliography of works falling under a given genre or within a certain technological context. We welcome surveys of the use of tags and keywords, and how these can be recognized (or not) by readers, libraries, or other necessary nodes in an emerging literary network  Also of interest is the current proliferation of directories of electronic literature in multiple media, languages, and geographical locations.

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