Appel à communications : Cultural Heritage Knowledge Visualisation, du 26 au 29 juillet 2010

Du 26 au 29 juillet 2010 se tiendra le Cultural Heritage Knowledge Visualisation, symposium organisé dans le cadre du 14e International Conference Information Visualisation, à la London South Bank University. Les propositions doivent être envoyées avant le 1er mars 2010.

Extrait de l'appel :

Over the last 2 decades we have seen a shift from the physical confines of the ‘houses of knowledge’ – traditional museum, cultural galleries, knowledge institutes – to more online, mobile, accessible interactive displays of cultural heritage knowledge. From books, physical displays and site-specific places of cultural heritage significance, many more can now access these repositories remotely. As touring 3D installations, interactive online applications, images, text, audio and video, access to cultural heritage knowledge has never been so accessible. What does this mean to those who’s heritage is on display? What protocols are needed to protect the integrity of the knowledge included? And, what new knowledge do we gain through these technological interventions and expositions of cultural heritage? These are only some of the many questions raised in this emerging field of Cultural Heritage Knowledge Visualisation.

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