ELO 2018

Mind the Gap!, the proceedings of the Electronic Literature Organization’s conference held in Montreal in 2018, intends to explicitly question the place of electronic literature in a digital culture. What is the nature of the relationship between the two? How does a form that is already fifty years old manage to remain relevant in a cultural environment strongly marked by digital technology? How does an avant-garde practice developed in the context of book culture succeed in adjusting to the principles of a culture heavily engaged in screens, networks and mobile devices? How can we take into account mobile technologies which are increasingly present in everyday life, understand their impact on writing and reading habits, and investigate the political dimension of digital technology, in its links to art, literature and culture?

Contributors include: 

Ana Albuquerque e Aguilar • Alice Atsuko Matsuda • Sofian Audry • Abraham Avnisan • John F. Barber • Simon Biggs • Jim Bizzocchi • Kyle Booten • Amaranth Borsuk • Serge Bouchardon • Boris du Boullay • Alejandro Brianza • Andréa Catrópa • John Cayley • Françoise Chambefort • Sarah Ciston • Christophe Collard • Gabriella Colombo Machado • Cristiane Costa • Sylvain David • Astrid Ensslin • Christopher Funkhouser • Bertrand Gervais • María Goicoechea • Anaïs Guilet • Leah Henrickson • Kedrick James • Roman Kalinovski • Andrew Klobucar • Michel Lefebvre • Ana Maria Machado • Cecília Magalhães • Sophie Marcotte • Vinicius Marquet • Reese Muntean • Verónica Paula Gómez • Ernesto Peña • Manuel Portela • Gilbertto Prado • Eva Quintas • Jessica Rodríguez • Rolando Rodríguez • Jon Saklofske • Paulo Silva Pereira • Alan Sondheim • Yuya Takeda • Melinda White

This work was made possible by the support of the following organizations: